Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad!!

My parents surprised us and met us in the lobby of Pop Century when we went down to Disney back in June. They had told us that they were going to Las Vegas and they were leaving the day after we started our drive down to Disney. We had been in contact with them the whole time on our drive and she had even given us flight info for their "flights" to Vegas. Come to find out they flew down to Disney instead and were waiting in the hotel lobby when we walked in to check in. It was such a surprise and a relief because Max was SO sick on the drive down. We had had him to the dr before we left and he just thought it was a stomach bug but he got much worse when we got down there and we ended spending one entire evening in the ER. Come to find out Max had c. diff...a nasty bowel infection caused by an antibiotic that he had been on 2 weeks before. By time we got back to the resort that night, he was vomiting and passing nothing but blood. We got him on a right antibiotic and he made a remarkable turnaround. They got to share several days of our vacation with us before they had to fly back home. This was my parents first time to Disney and honestly I didn't think that we'd ever get them down there!

They kept telling me that they didn't need anything for Christmas this year but I knew just the perfect gift. My mom and dad both love the scrapbooks that I make the boys but my mom doesn't scrap. So, I pulled all the pics that I had taken and made this album for them. I started on it the day after Thanksgiving and worked like a mad woman to get it done. I finished it on December 23...just in time because we celebrate Christmas with them on Christmas Eve...talk about working under pressure. Oh, and I also made teacher gifts during that time of a total of 3 gift bags and 24 cards. It was a crazy crafting season for me. Some of these pages are not up to my usual standards but I tried with the short time frame that I had. My favorites are the Trash Can Band, Monorail, Pop Century. ENJOY!!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas 2009

Here are our Christmas pictures that we had taken last night at JCPenney. They turned out great. My favorite is this first one. The boys had so much fun laying on our backs for it. hehehe