Thursday, January 20, 2011

Evan's Birthday Card

Uuuggghhhh!!! It's snowing here again! And the boys have yet another snow day home from school. This uses up their last built-in snow day for the year...after this, they start tacking them on to the end of the year. :( I got my creativity flowing this morning while the snow was coming down. I have been so busy making invites and thank you's that I almost forgot about the most important card...Evan's birthday card. His birthday is tomorrow and he'll probably get the day off from school too seeing as the snow is REALLY coming down. I decided to stick with the Colts theme but didn't want his card to look like the invites or thank you's. So, this is what I came up with. I used 3 Birds on Parade for the little football playing birdie, Create a Critter for the horseshoes for his little helmet and jersey (I cut an extra wing a bit bigger and cut off the end to give his jersey a sleeve), and Celebrations for balloons and the number 7's. I inked all the edges, added some string to the balloons and tied them to the little birdie's tail! I looked online and found this awesome picture of a Colts rug that looks like the actual football field. I printed it off and used it for my background. I stamped a simple "Happy Birthday" on the inside. So, do you think he'll like it?? TFL

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Birthday invites and thank you's

Evan's birthday is coming up this Friday...he's going to be 7!!! We had his party this past Saturday at Metro Sports Center in Evansville. We had a blast! The kids got to run and play games for an hour and then sit and enjoy pizza and cake. We even played a game of dodgeball...parents vs. kids. That was fun but I'm still sore. LOL Evan wanted an Indianapolis Colts themed party. I was able to find plates and napkins and goodie bag items for the party but they had no invites or thank you's so I made my own.

Invites: I used my Cricut and Gypsy (of course). I used Sports Mania, George, Create a Critter, and Old West for these. I welded the football shape to a rectangle from George and cut that in white. I then cut the football using Sports Mania in brown and embossed with my Cuttlebug Tiny Bubbles folder to make it look like the texture of a real football. I then used Create a Critter for the horseshoe and stretched it a bit to resemble the real Colts logo and added the circles from George. I put that on the invite using pop-dots. I used Old West font for the PARTY title. It was the perfect Colts font. I stamped all the info on the inside.
Thank you's: I kept these a little more simple. I used Sports Mania and Create a Critter for these. I used Sports Mania for the football helmet and Create a Critter for the horseshoe and a white get pen for the dots on the horseshoe. I used my Cuttlebug Thanks folder for the background. Evan just wrote the last of his thank you's today while he's home sick from school. TFL