Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sweet as Pie

Holy guacamole!!! I scrapped a LO two days in a row. I can't even remember the last time that that happened. LOL My boys' school raised money for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) this spring. They sold paper tennis shoes in their classes and also took in donations. Evan ended up with the most donations out of the kindergarten class. They were going to take only the top student and let them throw a pie in the face of that teacher from that grade level but since the whole student body did very well (raising over $14,000) one teacher from each grade level took a pie in the face. Evan was the winner for kindergarten. This program was in the afternoon and Evan was a morning kindergartner so another teacher called to let me know like 20 minutes before the program and asked if I'd bring him back to the school. Evan got to throw a pie in the kindergarten teacher's aide's face. He had a blast and she said that she wouldn't have wanted anyone else to do it besides Evan. Her and Evan are best buddies!! Anywho, so that's the story behind the pics.

I used From My Kitchen for the refrigerator, stove, pot, canisters, pie, pot holders, and pie phrase. I used Create a Critter for the word SWEET, George for the cabinet doors, and Jasmine for AS. I cut the tile floor by hand. I used my art skills to draw it out, cut it out, and piece each individual tile together. I even hung the pot holders on little brads for the cabinet knobs. I also printed out some mini pics from the event and put them on the fridge like magnets. TFL

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

MIA.... but I'm back!

It's been a crazy couple of months as you can tell. My last post was over the boys' Spring Break back in March!!! I've been busy with the end of school in May, Scouting activities...always, and our vacation right after school ended. We went to Pennsylvania to Sesame Place. saw the Liberty Bell in Philly, saw the Crayola Factory and Museum, and did Hershey Park for 3 days. We were gone for a week and had a wonderful time. I'm trying to get back on a schedule around the house. The boys are doing school work each morning over summer break so they don't lose any skills. And I'm using that time to sit with them and design on my Gypsy. I designed this LO this morning and got it cut and pieced this afternoon while the boys cleaned up about a million Legos in their toyroom!

I had printed pics to make the boys' Christmas Eve LOs but ran across this year's Tootsie Roll pic and decided to do a LO of all 4 pics of Evan. My dad always gives Evan something Tootsie Roll for Christmas whether it be a giant Tootsie Roll in the top left-hand pic, a Tootsie Roll bank in the top right-hand pic or bottom left-hand pic, or a gigantic Tootsie Roll pillow in the bottom right-hand pic. Evan LOVES Tootsie Rolls and always asks for my dad for one when he comes over to visit and he always has a pocket full for both boys. It's their little thing. My favorite pic is of Evan in the top left-hand pic. This pic was taken in 2006 and he was not quite 3 years old. The look on his face was precious. DH always laughs when he looks at it because Evan was just so excited to get that super big Tootsie Roll. These pics are from Christmas 2006-2009.

I used Christmas Cheer for the holly and the Tootsie Roll base itself. It was a piece of candy and I used the hide contour feature and hid the little circles that were supposed to cut out of it. I cut it three times in each white, brown, and red and then cut the stripes and pieced it together. I used Base Camp for the letters. I decided to make my background paper look like a Tootsie Roll wrapper too since I couldn't think of a good background paper. TFL