Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Who needs a Cricut Cake machine?

Not me. Charlie and I have found that we truly enjoy making the boys' birthday cakes and other cakes. They take a long time but it's something that enjoy doing together. We've even gotten the hang of using fondant and have a recipe to make our own...and it tastes GOOD! Here are some cakes that we've made this year.

This first one, Max had a big hand in making. This was for Cub Scouts for their annual Cake Bake. They auctioned off the cakes and the money went to Easter Seals. It was a fun night with so many fun cakes being auctioned. The boys could make a cake to fit a category in hopes of winning a medal. Max won for Best Scout Themed cake. He wanted to make a hat cake that looked like his Cub Scout Wolf hat. He helped with the baking of the cake, icing the cake, and even rolling out the fondant (which was hard work). Max's cake went for $110...to us. We had 4 other families bidding against us and Max REALLY wanted this cake to come back home with us so hung in there and won it back.

Here is Evan's birthday cake from January. He had a Candy Land themed birthday so Charlie and I recreated the Candy Land game board on a cake. There was SO much candy on this cake. All the kids at his party LOVED it.

And here is Max's birthday cake from June. He had a camouflage themed party so we decided to make a cake shaped like a tank. It turned out awesome. We used fondant on this one. I did use a bit of Cricut on this one. I cut the number eight out of paper and then hand cut the 8 out of fondant to put on the front of the cake.


The Cropping Canuck said...

Awesome! They all look so yummy! You are the cake boss! lol

AuBien said...

A family of many talents! Cute stuff, Jennifer!

The Cropping Canuck said...

I have 2 blog awards for you to pick up!

S Glup said...

Those are amazing...very talented....I've got three boys and am lucky just to buy one...lol....so impressive, you're such a good mommy:0)...Sheri G