Friday, February 5, 2010

Calgon...take me away!!

Do you all remember that commercial from the 80s?? Well, that's the way that I'm feeling today. Evan's birthday was on January 21st and he turned 6. We had his party scheduled for the 24th, but big brother Max ended up coming down with the stomach flu and we had to reschedule. We figured that if we rescheduled everything for 2 weeks later that it would have run its course through the family and everything would be fine. Well, guess who came down with the stomach flu today?? Evan!! He came home from school not feeling too well and had a tummy ache. Well, after we got home from picking up Max this afternoon, it REALLY hit. I'll spare the nasty details but he's definitely got the stomach bug. So, I again had to call everyone and reschedule his party. His friends' parents are going to think that I'm nuts!!


Leah said...

I DO remember this...and say it often to myself! LOL! Sorry to hear about all the I have told you, nothing is worse then your kids not feeling ok!
I am thinking of you guys! love ya!

AuBien said...

Oh no, Jennifer...that's so sad! Poor little guy. You are probably afraid to even schedule another date after getting hit twice with it! Feeling for you!