Monday, March 15, 2010

Do I save PJ's???

This is the phrase that I hear EVERY single morning from Evan. I tell him every morning that I only need his PJ's on Wednesdays and Sundays for laundry but some how he never remembers. He told me this morning that it'd be nice if he had a sign or something to remind him. Hmmm...I can do that!! So, I sat down with my Gypsy and designed a double-sided door hanger for his room. The only problem that I see with this is if I forget to change it on Tuesday and Saturday nights for the next mornings. Mental note to self...don't forget. LOL I used my Gypsy to design this and the Cricut to cut it. I used My Community of the door hanger, Cuttin Up for the words, Everyday Paper Dolls for the doll, jammies, towel, teddy bear, and laundry basket. I used a basket with a handle on it from the cart and made it wider than it was and added round cornered rectangles from George to the basket to make it look like a laundry basket. I just had to cut off the handle after I got it cut out. I inked all the cuts. Printed papers are by My Mind's Eye...Wild Asparagus Collection.


Leah said...

oh my goodness! if this isn't the funniest thing ever!
first off you just got to love boys!!!
and second, how cute are you to even make this!!!
something you will have to save for when he is older (I can see a wife getting a kick out of this!)

your such a cute mommy!!!

AuBien said...

Great idea, Jennifer! It turned out really cute, too! Wish you could have come to the crop last weekend! We all missed you!

Jennifer said...

Thanks gals!!

Shae-I would have loved to come to the Crop for the Cure too but we had the Pinewood Derby that I had to be at and then right after that, Charlie had to head into work so I was home with the boys. Did everyone have a good time? Did you get lots done or shop??

AuBien said...

Jen, I would love to go to a Pinewood Derby! Kim was telling about it and it sounds like so much fun! I think it's great that Dads were able to race their own cars too! Best I can tell, everyone had fun. I finished one album over the two days I went so I feel like I did okay. I definitely did a lot of socializing though! It's hard for me to sit still with so much to see and do! There was a new vendor this time - Creek Bank Creations. They had a MEGA booth and lots of projects and kits I've never seen before. Congrats again on your Guest Designer role! I know you are destined for scrapbook fame!