Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm so behind...

in posting pics that I've decided since I have a nice quiet evening that I'm going to do it tonight. Some of these go back to February. I've included lots so make sure and scroll through them all. I've got scrappy, crafty, and just plain fun pics so....ENJOY!!

Here is a card that my DS, Evan, made for my mom for her birthday! He has these pigeon books and he wanted to try drawing the pigeon and the duck from the story. This is from The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog by Mo Willems. I think he did an amazing job considering that he's only 6. He's going to be my scrapping buddy!

Here are some Valentine Artist Trading Cards that I made and sent out. How perfect to have Twilight Valentine's?? I used a stamp set that Charlie bought me for my birthday and I thought the MS Drippy Goo punch was just too cool to add to the Edward side. These were double sided so no matter whether you are Team Edward or Team Jacob...I had ya covered!

Here is Evan's birthday cake!!! He had a Candy Land birthday party and Charlie and I made his cake. We spent 2 1/2 hours decorating this cake but it turned out just amazing! He LOVED it. We also had a life-size Candy Land game set up around the first level of our house. We had all these colored paper taped together to resemble the Candy Land game board and even had all the extra spaces on there too like Gloppy's Molasses Swamp. The kids at his party LOVED it.

Here's Max before his Seussical Musical performance for Young Author's Night. He looks like he's ready for Green Eggs and Ham. LOL His class did a wonderful job performing the songs.

SPRING?? It sure felt like it here last weekend...not so much today. It was wonderful out last weekend so we decided to get our trampoline back out. We don't have our screens in our windows yet so I snuck upstairs and opened Max's window and got these awesome shots of the boys jumping with Charlie. I got some great video too.

Pinewood Derby day!!! We had our Pinewood Derby this morning and these are the boys' cars and Charlie's too. LOL They had so much fun racing them. Max's car flew off the track twice so he didn't even get to finish a race and was bumped out. Evan got beat by a Tag-a-Long girl and Charlie got beat in the championship race so I guess he got 2nd. The boys each won a ribbon. Max's ribbon was for "Fastest Looking" car...I think because of the paper flames. Evan's ribbon was for "Best Tag-a-Long" car...say "CHEESE" Evan!! I painted Evan's car this week. The mouse looks a little "cheesy" but he won anyway!


Leah said...

omgosh...such fun pix!
I am so glad to see some good weather over there!

loved that card, I can't believe a little boy did that!

the cake was..WOW...I can see why that took forever!

I worked on a LO today, finished the one w/ you as a both but am having a total blast w/ this new one!

ok putting babe to tomorrow!

Candice said...

Those are awesome, Jennifer!! Evan's card turned out absolutely adorable and that cake - OMG - that turned out amazing!!! I'm glad to hear you guys had so much fun at the Derby too - LOVE the cars - you guys did a great job on them!! TFS! :)